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“New Greece” with “old ingredients” and an obsolete “plan”

Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The government and the Prime Minister A. Samaras decided to march with the “banner” of “constructing the New Greece”, which indeed elevated it into a ‘national duty”, via “reforms” that it is already implementing and predicted the “rise of the competitiveness of the national economy”. Behind this “waffle” more mundane things are concealed, such as the reduction of wages and pensions, privatizations, the reduction of the public social services for the popular strata, who will be called on to pay more for Health, Education, Social security, as these systems are being commercialized etc. Of course the Prime Minister and the government are warning: if the workers do not swallow all these measures which are bitter and poisonous for the popular strata, then there will be a disaster.

The disaster is already at the gates is what the official opposition party, SYRIZA, is already declaring, which is calling for new elections, for the formation of a “left and patriotic government” that will change the policy formula which is being implemented, as according to SYRIZA this is the key for Greece to depart from the prolonged economic crisis. Otherwise, if the existing formula continues, we are lost and destroyed.

The fear and the fostering of a false hope, an illusion! Here are two useful tools possess by the bourgeois political system in order to manipulate the working class and people’s consciousness. Great weapons! They have stood the test of time! Those who hold them may fray, grow old, and even if the political parties are disbanded, change name, even flags and symbols, but the weapons of fear and false illusions remain. In place. Always in place, in order to mobilize, to drag the working masses under the “banner” of the bourgeoisie.

But what “New Greece” and what other “formula” are they talking to us about? What “ingredients” will they use in this “New Greece” and this allegedly “other formula”?

It is nothing other than the old and damaged ingredients, of the competitiveness of the businesses, privatizations, “entrepreneurship”, the profitability of the capitalists. It is the so-called “EU one-way street”, i.e. the entrapment of the country in the imperialist union of capital, the European Union (EU). It is the quest for “protection” from stronger so-called “allies”, in the framework of the imperialist organization of NATO. It is the path of the capitalist mode of production, where the monopolies are dominant today, and which led to the crisis and the people to bankruptcy.

This “New Greece” for its people is stagnancy in the capitalist barbarity and not a leap forwards. It is the maintenance of the rottenness and the parasitism and not progress, as A. Samaras claimed, and he posed – in his competition with SYRIZA- a false dilemma: “Reforms or stagnation”. The reforms that A. Samaras is talking about have the stamp of approval of the bourgeoisie, on whose behalf he speaks. And they are deeply anti-people, as the people now know from their own experience. And there can be no different pro-people reform in the framework of the bourgeois power and its state, as SYRIZA is falsely claiming, as long as the laws of capitalism and its economy hold sway.

The working class and its allies will make the leap forwards, not the capitalist parasites and their parties. This will be the leap towards another society, with another development path, which will have the needs of the working people and other popular strata at its centre. This will be the New Greece created by and for the people, disengaged from the EU, with the socialization of the monopolies. The people will build it with new ingredients and of course without the capitalist owners of the means of production, without those who prey on the wealth the people produce.


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