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Comment of the Press Office on the Developments in Egypt

The people’s mobilizations in Egypt very rapidly demonstrate that the political forces which prevailed in the so-called Arab Spring disappointed them. The people’s interests cannot be satisfied either by the Morsi government and the Muslim Brotherhood, which imposed an anti-worker political line to support the monopolies, or the section of the bourgeois class that at this moment is supporting the military coup.

The crisis in the bourgeois political system of Egypt reveals the sharpening of the contradictions amongst section of the bourgeois class regarding the management of power, trapping the people’s indignation and discontent. It is also connected to the competition of the imperialist centres over the safeguarding of the natural resources of the wider region and the energy routes.

Egypt’s bourgeois class possesses alternative solutions in order to secure its interests, the role of the army and the so-called religious movements are some of these solutions. The working class and poor popular strata must not restrict themselves only to the issue of whether one or the other government must leave, they must not be trapped in alleged transitional solutions which are preparing the next anti-people government.

The developments demonstrate that, in order for the people to impose their strength and interests, the mass popular struggles are not sufficient on their own, but they must aim at overthrowing the power of the monopolies in order for pro-people developments to be timetabled.

Athens 4/7/2012


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