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Statement of the Press Office of the CC regarding the developments in Cyprus

In its statement regarding the developments in Cyprus, the Press Office of the CC of the KKE stresses:

“The KKE expresses its solidarity with the Cypriot people against the blackmail and the barbaric anti-people measures imposed on them by the EU, the IMF with the complicity of the bourgeois governments, including the Cypriot and the Greek ones, in order to safeguard the interests of capital. The “NO” to the EU plan is not unified. There is the “NO” of the people and the “NO” of those who want to serve particular interests of the monopolies.

The various alternative plans for the financing of the Cypriot economy (with the involvement of Russia and other states or with domestic borrowing, that will have a negative impact on the social security funds or by returning to the national currency, as various forces are saying), even if they are implemented, also constitute a dead-end for the people’s interests.

They are centred on the handover of a part of the energy wealth of the country to the monopolies. The confrontation of the two formulas within the framework of the EU has nothing to do with the people’s interests.

It is confirmed that the management of the capitalist crisis, with the monopolies being dominant in economy and through the participation in the EU or other imperialist alliances, is always at the expense of the working people.

The anti-people measures do not concern merely the unacceptable haircut of the people’s savings but strike against the rights of the working people in Cyprus as a whole, they promote privatizations and they are the same as the measures that hammer the Greek people and the other peoples of the EU. The fact that the Eurogroup’s plan regarding the haircut of the savings was rejected by the Cypriot Parliament should not lead to complacency about the future. The Cypriot people should utilize this development in order to strengthen their struggle against the anti-people measures.

The developments in Cyprus, with the escalation of the anti-people offensive, once again demonstrate the magnitude of the people’s deception by those forces that used to propagate that the accession to the EU would bring prosperity, convergence, solidarity in favour of the peoples. This is the European Union and it cannot change.

The essence remains the same regardless of who prevails inside the EU, -Germany and the countries that align with it or other axes and alliances like the alliance of the countries of the South as SYRIZA says, i.e. the EU is a predatory alliance that attacks the working people as a whole in order to ensure the profitability of the business groups.

The developments confirm that today, in conditions of a very deep crisis, centrifugal tendencies in the EU and the Eurozone are strengthening as well as the competition amongst countries and sections of capital over who will benefit more from the crisis, who will have fewer losses. The competition over the control of the natural resources and the energy transport routes is strengthening especially in the region of the eastern Mediterranean, entailing unforeseeable dangers for the people.

The Greek people, the Cypriot people and the other peoples of Europe can and must make their mark on the developments. They should reject the blackmail of capital, the EU the IMF. They should not line up behind any imperialist power. They should follow the road for the disengagement from the EU and the imperialist alliances”.


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