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Important successes for the class-oriented forces in trade union elections

Labour Centre of Piraeus – Construction Workers’ Federation- Food and Beverage Federation

The class-oriented forces reinforced and in the first positions

Another positive step forwards was taken by the workers in the country’s largest port, Piraeus, as well as in a series of important federations like those of the construction workers and the workers in the food and beverage industry, in the effort to change the correlation of forces in favour of the class-oriented forces. The workers by backing the lists supported by PAME, its framework of demands and line confirmed the bonds they have forged together with the class-oriented forces in tough class confrontations throughout the previous period, in a practical way.

At the 33rd Congress of the Piraeus Labour Centre, the geographically-based organization of trade unions in one of the country’s biggest cities, the workers gave the first position to the militant list “Democratic Unified Trade-union Initiative” (DESK), which is rallied in PAME and in which communists work, for the third time in a row. DESK received 43.5% of the vote and 8 seats on the executive committee in comparison to 36.3% and 7 seats which it had received in the previous elections.

In the elections for the 23rd Congress of the Construction-workers’ Federation, the class-oriented forces remain at the helm of the sector with a large majority. The “All-builders United Democratic List” (PEDS), which is supported by the class-oriented forces, received the votes of 156 congress representatives and 27 of the 31 seats on the National Board.

In addition, at the 28th Congress of the Federation of workers in the Dairy-Food-Beverage industry the class-oriented forces were further strengthened with 80% of the votes and received 12 out of the 15 seats on the National Board. Indeed, the full convergence of the forces of “Independent Intervention” (SYRIZA), PASKE (PASOK) and DAKE (ND) emerged, as they formed a joint “anti-PAME” list (They received altogether 3 seats), a continuation of the tactic which began in 2004.

These results are due to the tireless activity of the class-oriented forces in the workplaces, in the organization of the struggle to defend the rights of the workers, against the anti-people political line of capital, the government and the EU. The important strikes of the seamen and the lower mechanic crews who courageously faced the civil mobilization of the government, which cooperates with ship-owning capital, are characteristic. The confrontation regarding the collective bargaining agreement in the food and beverage industry is characteristic, or regarding the health and safety issues in the construction industry where PAME’s forces confronted the industrialists and the major construction companies in important strikes, workplace assemblies and dozens of militant mobilizations and other confrontations. Once again employer and government-led trade unionism was not able to fulfil its mission and change the correlation of forces in these trade unions and federations by using rigged elections in order to trap the workers and surrender them unconditionally to the appetites of capital. The recognition by the workers of PAME and its consistent class struggle highlights that the line of conflict with capital and also with the compromised leaderships is a precondition for the strengthening of the class-oriented forces. This is what can rally the workers and express their needs. For this reason we are escalating our struggles against the power of capital, to defend and fight for the needs of the families from the working class and popular strata, because the workers can live without bosses and capitalist exploitation.


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