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Struggles of workers, farmers and youth

Important struggles of the youth, workers and poor farmers of Greece have been underway in recent days. So in the middle of last week mass mobilizations were held un Athens, Thessalonica and other cities against the unacceptable working conditions of the youth (work without rights, low wages …) which were organized jointly by the Students’ Struggle Front (MAS) and the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME).

The workers in the Athens Metro entered the strike struggle, demanding that their wages not be cut again. The strike was banned and the workers subject to civil mobilization, which led to the two-day solidarity strike by the workers in public transport (buses, trains, tram). The KKE and PAME supported the strike, which was also banned by the courts. PAME held last Saturday on 26/1 a large workers’ demonstration.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, commented on these developments and noted : “We warn the government that the “law and order” policy has a limited future. It can for a moment have some alleged successes, some workers may not be able to overcome the fear of civil mobilization and all together tear up the relevant documents, but the time will come, as has been demonstrated throughout the entire 20th century, when sectors, the people as a whole will overcome the fear. It will overcome whatever confusion and illusions exist.”

At the same time poor farmers in several parts of Greece descended on the streets with their tractors. The KKE saluted the militant mobilizations of the farmers, all over the country, against the governmental policy of the memoranda, taxes and head taxes, against the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, which lead the farmers to destruction, in order to massively increase the size of the large capitalist agricultural commercial farms. Up until this point the farmers’ mobilizations are continuing, while in certain instances the police authorities are impeding the farmers from reaching the Athens-Thessalonica motorway with their tractors.

The GS of the Cc of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, in the press conference she gave on Monday 28/1, noted amongst other things : “What is of very great significance is for the people to understand that the mass character of the struggles, their militancy and the realization that there is another development path, a pro-people, working class and popular one, and all these things will give them the ability to endure whatever temporary difficulties they meet.”


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