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Photos-Greek Steel Workers

Their decision was unanimous: we continue!

Christmas at the “Greek Steelworks” with their children

New Arrival of aid by the poor and medium sized farmers .

Students and strikers dance together

The visit of Aleka Papariga on New Year’s Day coincided with the New Year’s celebrations by the class oriented unions of shipmen, which were carried out at the “Greek Steelworks” as an activity of substantial solidarity

Photo from the meeting of the strikers’ wives at the factory.

Mass protest of the steelworkers’ wives at the Ministry of Labour .

The practical solidarity continues

Tableau with paintings and messages by school students at the factory

“We are with you. Be strong!” is the slogan on the banner that the school students in the region “donated” to the strikers .

The strikers decide on the course of the struggle through their General Assemblies

The strike on 13/12 called on the workers in the industrial zone of Thriasio to rise up

Children of all ages are at on side of the steel workers every day.

At Christmas “Synchroni Epochi”, the publishing house of KKE, distributed to the workers books about the workers’ interests

The worker, who has been on strike for 60 days, receives the book “King Coal”

The workers celebrated New Year’s Eve at the factory

The Union of Metalworkers In Magnesia announced strikes of solidarity on 12th and 17th January (photo from the picket lines outside the ghetto of the Greek Steelworks of the capitalist Manesis in Volos)

PAME has been a valuable supporter; it played the leading role for the general solidarity strike in Attica on 17/1

They visit other workplaces and call all the metalworkers to support them and rise up (photo from PESINE- factory in the same branch)

The families of the strikers have also joined the battle

Photo from a protest of solidarity organized by American workers at the Greek consulate in Houston in USA

PAME kept its promise for the Christmas table and offered a lamb to each striker .

The General Secretary of the CC of KKE speaks to the workers at the factory


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