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Statement of the Press Office of the CC on the war in Libya

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE stresses in its statement:

“The war that the forces of NATO unleashed against Libya has been escalating in the last hours with a bloodbath which is the result of mass slaughters, especially of civilians in Tripoli and the other cities. The war machine of the NATO-US and EU with its bombings and the other interventions is the one which determines the military developments and bears the responsibility for the savage crimes against the Libyan people. The so called anti-regime forces which are led by former associates of Gaddafi are following and completing a grotesque project.

Once again we see the magnitude of the hypocrisy, the cynicism, and the barbarity of the governments of the US and the EU countries as well as the role of the international news agencies that remain silent, conceal and participate in the imperialist propaganda.

The target of the war was not Gaddafi, the ally of the imperialists, but the complete control of the oil and the natural gas of Libya, the strengthening of their presence in North Africa and Middle East at the expense of their competitors.

The position of the Greek government -as well as of ND that supports it- that its involvement restricted to the protection of civilians and to the so called humanitarian aid is both false and dangerous. The government is complicit in the crimes which are committed in Libya because it has supported and substantially contributed to the development of the war both through the operation of the military base in Suda as well as through the provision of military forces. The forces of opportunism are once again exposed as they have saluted the “victory” of the anti-regime forces, i.e. the victory of NATO, and talk about a “new page in Libya”.

The Greek people should learn the truth about the developments in Libya and more generally, it should reject the imperialist propaganda and condemn the involvement of the country in the imperialist wars. The dangers for peace, the sovereign rights and the involvement of the country in a more generalised war are constantly increasing. The imperialist rivalries and the aggressiveness in the region over the energy resources and the energy transport routes are constantly increasing. The disengagement of the country from the imperialist organizations is the only answer and a decisive contribution to the development of the common struggle of the people in the region against the imperialist barbarity.”


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