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Higher education is handed over to the businesses

The government of the social democrat party of PASOK brought to the Parliament a draft law on Higher Education that demolishes the remnants of public Education, dismantles the studies and transforms universities into limited companies.

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE stresses in its statement:

“The government seeks to complete the project of the reactionary reforms that the governments of PASOK and ND have imposed over the last years in universities and Technological Educational Institutes (TEI). The complete handing over of universities, TEI and research to the big businesses marauders will not be temporary. It will destroy everything and have a major and multifaceted impact on the life and the rights of the people. The response of the students, the youth and the working people must be unified. It must be aggressive and not defensive. Education is a right of the workers’ families. Research must serve the needs of the people the development potential of the country and not the interests of the monopolies. What is needed is a people’s front to repel the policy that serves the monopolies. The solution is: people’s power, disengagement from the EU”.

On 24/8 the Students’ Struggle Front and All Workers’ Militant Front are organizing joint demonstrations against the new law in Athens and the other cities of the country.



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