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The EU of monopolies escalates anticommunism

The EU escalates the anticommunist campaign targeting more energetically the organized people’s movement and its political vanguard, i.e. the communist party. In the conditions the intensification of the crisis and the deepening of the impasses of the capitalist management the bourgeois staff seek to muddy the real way-out for the people through the rewriting of History, the unacceptable and anti-historical equation of communism with Nazism and the slandering of the socialism that we knew.

In this framework the Polish presidency of the EU organizes on 23rd August in Warsaw the first conference on the “celebration” of the 23rd August that the EU shamelessly and provocatively proclaimed as “the day for the remembrance of the victims of the totalitarian regimes” equating fascism with communism.

In its statement the EU parliamentary group of the KKE denounced that “the EU is practically creating the preconditions and the respective political conditions so as the bourgeois governments to unleash prohibitions, persecutions and repressive measures against the communist ideology, the Marxist Leninist parties that maintain their revolutionary character, as it happens in a series of EU member-states with an even greater sharpness and intensity. These are the values of the EU and the bourgeois democracy-dictatorship of monopolies”.



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