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Statement of the Press Office of the CC of KKE on the official visit of the US Secretary of State

“The upcoming visit of the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to our country and in the region generally is not a coincidence. It is related to the dangerous imperialist plans of the US in our region as well as to its support to the policy of the government that leads the people to bankruptcy and sells off the public property.

The interest of the US government is focused on:

  • the negotiations concerning the plans for a controlled bankruptcy of the Greek economy given the direct or indirect exposure of the US financial groups and the competition between the Euro and the US dollar as international reserve currencies. The pursuit of a compromise is in progress while the correlation of forces within the IMF is changing.
  • on making sure that the US monopoly groups will take on the exploitation of the energy resources of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean in the framework of the “joint exploitation”. This development is linked to the dangerous presence of the NATO in the Aegean and the evolution of the Greek-Turkish relations in the direction of restricting the sovereign rights of the country in the Aegean in the framework of the so-called “joint management”.
  • on the course of the relations between Greece-Israel-Cyprus that concern the plans for the transportation of natural gas from the underwater deposits of South-eastern Mediterranean to the EU.
  • on the conflict of the imperialist centres for the control of strategic infrastructure in Greece (airports, ports, energy, telecommunications etc) in the face of the sale of public property to the monopolies in the coming period.
  • the solution of the issue concerning the name of FYROM so as to proced with the enlargement of NATO in the Balkans.
  • the new partition-plan concerning the Cyprus issue which is similar to the Annan-plan.
  • the general support of the American-NATO plans in the Middle East, in North Africa and the Balkans which operate in opposition to the plans of the other rising imperialist powers.

The imperialist interests and plans of the US as well as of the EU and the other imperialist centres have nothing to do with peace, with the security and prosperity of the people as they claim. They lead to the questioning of borders, to new imperialist interventions and wars in our region.

The KKE calls on the people to be vigilant and intensify the anti-imperialist struggle. The popular forces must change, as soon as possible, the balance of forces at the expense of the parties that serve the alliances of the Greek plutocracy, the participation of the country to the imperialist organisations of the US, NATO and EU which are dangerous for the popular and sovereign rights.

The repulsion and the overthrow of the anti-people policy, of the involvement and participation of our country in the imperialist adventurisms requires the joint action with the KKE. We must form a strong social political front, a people’s alliance for a people’s power in order to organise the economy and for the country to develop according to the satisfaction of the people’s needs and not the interests of the monopolies.

Athens 14/7/2011

The PB of the CC of the KKE


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