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The KKE condemns adoption of anti-communist measures by Georgian parliament

The KKE condemns in the most decisive way the adoption on the 31 May by Georgia’s Parliament of the anti-communist “Freedom Charter” in the name of “national security and the democratic development of the country to deal with communist and fascist ideology”. This law requires the profiling and mass persecution of everyone who was a member or cadre of the Communist Party of Georgia and the Komsomol, who will be subject to bans in relation to employment. It has provisions for the banning of the “ symbols of the Bolsheviks and Soviet symbols”, while they will change all the names of towns, villages, roads, which continue to have names from the Soviet era and will pave the way for new measures against the activity of communist in Georgia.

This is a new provocative escalation of the anti-communist campaign in Europe which has been unleashed by the EU, the “Council of Europe” and the bourgeois governments with the support and consent of the liberal, social-democratic and opportunist political forces. It expresses the fear of capital in relation to socialism-communism which constitutes the only way out for the peoples.

The communist of Greece express their unreserved solidarity with the United Communist Party of Georgia, which is struggling in difficult conditions of “stone-age anticommunism”.


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