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Speech of G.Toussas, MEP of the KKE, on the EU summit, February 4th, 2011

Brussels 02/02/2011

In his speech concerning the “Preparation for the meeting of the European Council on the 4th of February 2011” during the Plenary of the European Parliament in Brussels, Georgios Toussas, MEP of the Communist Party of Greece, stated that:

"The forthcoming session of the European Council takes place in the conditions of the development of the capitalist crisis and the intensification of monopoly competition over energy and innovation, two key areas for capital, both within the EU and between the EU and other imperialist centres. Large regions like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa are battlefields where fierce imperialist rivalries and interventions for the control of productive resources and energy transport routes are taking place in collaboration with the domestic bourgeois classes at the expense of the people, causing massive poverty, brutal exploitation and oppression. This reactionary policy generates the popular uprisings, such as those being carried out by the people of Egypt and other countries, demonstrating that the protagonists of history are the peoples.

The Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the defiant people of Egypt and calls on the peoples of all countries to actively express support and solidarity.

The key priorities of the Summit that will be discussed but are not formally included on the agenda , are:
The EU Strategy "Europe 2020". The acceleration of capitalist restructuring on the lifting of Sectoral Employment Contracts, the 8 hour workday, stable daily work hours, the demolition of social security and their replacement with the general application of temporary, flexible forms of employment for the further drastic reduction in the price of labor power. All this is being carried out in order to increase the monopolies’ profitability.
The priorities on the implementation of the "enhanced economic governance”, the creation of the " European Stability Mechanism" - i.e. "controlled bankruptcy" with the corresponding amendment to the Lisbon Treaty are in the same direction and further enhance the reactionary characteristics of the EU and the aggression against the peoples.
The antipopular attack of capital, the EU and its governments, and the capitalist crisis equip the working class and the popular strata who increasingly question the antipopular policies, the barbarism of capitalism, the reactionary structure of the EU itself, creating the preconditions for the socio-political front to overthrow the power of the monopolies, opening the way for the People’s Power and economy. "


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