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Euro parliamentary Group οf KKE: Statement-condemnation of the escalation of the anti-communist hysteria by the EU

The overthrow of capitalism is a historical necessity

In its statement- condemnation of the escalation of the anti-communist hysteria by the EU, the Euro parliamentary group of the KKE notes that: “the Euro parliamentary group of the KKE condemns the new escalation of the anti-communist hysteria led by the EU council, the European Commission and the political staff of the bourgeois class in the European Parliament. The report of the Commission concerning the “The Memory of the Crimes Committed by Totalitarian Regimes in Europe”-COM (2010)783- places under its protection the reactionary anticommunist group which was formed in the European Parliament for the “reconciliation of European Histories”, which organized on the 2nd of February a new anti-communist meeting with officials from the “Institute for the study of totalitarian regimes”. The Commission with this report is drawing up a coherent plan for an anti-communist assault, in line with the decision of the EU’s Council for General Affairs, on the 16th of June 2009, which declared anti-communism as an official ideology and “value” of the EU.

It applauds and openly supports the legal arsenal which a series of EU member-states have created such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia. These countries have also banned communist symbols and criminalized communist ideology and the free expression and dissemination of ideas.

It applauds all the anti-communist initiatives which the bourgeois classes of the EU member-states take (“The Prague Declaration”, conference on the “Crimes of Communism” etc) It is drawing up a funding plan of millions of Euros for programmes to slander socialism and falsify the historical truth with every available means. Through the funding of anti-communist organizations, universities and research institutes for the study of the “crimes of communism”, the funding of films, books and audio-visual tools. It incorporates anti-communism into the “curriculum”, the “life-long learning programmes” for adults and “concerning the citizenship skills of school students”.

It proposes that the member-states that have not already established the 23rd of August as the “European Day of Remembrance for the victims of Stalinism and Nazism” and it has decided to found and fund the “ Platform of European memory and Conscience” which will gather “academic bodies, independent researchers and experts” in order to exchange “best practices” concerning anti-communism and to promote the slandering of the communist ideals and socialism through “educational programmes” in the EU member-states.

At the same time the Commission is still threatening to create an EU-wide criminal legislation which will openly persecute communist ideology and declare that the defence of socialism is a crime.

This anti-communist campaign above all targets the consciousness of the youth. It goes hand in hand with the barbaric attack of the plutocracy on the life and rights of the working class throughout the EU. This attack on the communists and the Marxist-Leninist communist parties targets the vanguard of the class-oriented labour movement; it seeks to negate the regroupment of the people’s counterattack. The historical memory of the bourgeois – which they allegedly wish to preserve- seems to be very limited. This vulgar anti-communism, the crimes and persecutions of the bourgeois class against the communists were not able to suppress the class struggle in the past. And they will not achieve this goal now.

The timing of the escalation of the anti-communist assault by the EU is not accidental. The working class and the popular strata have accumulated a lot of experience from the capitalist crisis. The plutocracy throughout the EU is concerned by the intensity and depth of the capitalist crisis and the peoples’ reactions in the member-states, as well as the popular uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria etc. It realises that the odious character of the EU and its allies is becoming even more obvious to the working class-popular forces, as well as the barbarity of the exploitative capitalist system and its decay. The historical necessity of its overthrow is becoming more and more apparent, the passage of humanity from the barbarity of exploitation to the realm of freedom, to socialism-communism.


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