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Mass condemnation of the Greek-Israeli joint exercise

The Peloponnese-Zakynthos-Kephalonia regional committee of the KKE organized a rally and march to the Airforce base.

Large numbers of people, responding to the call of the Peloponnese-Zakynthos-Kephalonia regional committee of the KKE, demonstrated on Wednesday 12th of October at the Airbase of Andravida to demand the cessation of the provocative and dangerous Greek-Israeli joint exercise. The residents of the wider region of Andravida have been living in a war-zone since the day before yesterday when the exercise started, with the constant low and aggressive flights of helicopters and fighter planes.

The Airbase in Andravida is at the centre of the military exercise of the Israelis in order for them to prepare for a possible strike against Iran. This exercise is being carried out in different areas of central and western Peloponnese which resemble regions of Iran, on the basis of scenarios “of the search and rescue” of Israeli fighter plane crews deep in enemy territory. 8 Israeli assault helicopters, 3 Greek helicopters and 6 fighter planes are participating in the exercise.

The demonstration began outside the entrance of the airbase in Andravida with the slogan “Israeli imperialists out of our country now, Murderers of the Palestinian people” The “People’s Rally” mayoral candidate for Amaliada, Aggelos Kolosakas, addressed the rally. A delegation of the Regional Bureau of the KKE had a meeting with a representative of the command of the 117 Fighter Air Wing, to whom they underlined the dangers that go hand in hand with the involvement of our country in the imperialist plans and the military adventures of Israel.

Shouting the slogan “No submission to imperialism, the peoples are the only superpower” The demonstrators marched to the town of Andravida, where a rally was held. The speaker was Giorgos Karapanos, “People’s Rally” candidate for vice-prefect in Ilia.

The speaker called on the people of the region to understand not only the role of the government but the role of local “big-shots”, mayors and prefects who assist these plans “We must send a message of resistance and disobedience from this rally. We call on the people not to submit to their fears and blackmail and to condemn them in the elections in a mass way.”


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