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The KKE Statement Concerning the Visit of the Chinese Delegation to Greece

The Investments and the Loans of the Business Consortia of China, the EU, the USA and Israel, have nothing to do with the Needs of the People

The visit of the Chinese delegation, headed by the country’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, took place in order to strengthen business relations with the Greek state and the domestic bourgeois class, through the investment of accumulated capital and the prospect of massive returns, chiefly in the shipping and transport sectors. The high-level Chinese delegation’s visit to Greece was the first stop on its tour of European countries.

Wen Jiabao signed a series of interstate agreements and agreements that concern the private sector with the Greek Prime minister. Activities in the shipping sector, with the handing over of the container station of Piraeus to the Chinese Multi-national COSCO, were at the heart of the talks, as well as Chinese interest in investing in other Greek regions and ports, within the framework of the much-publicized goal for Greece to become the stepping stone for China’s penetration of the EU markets.

The statement of the Chinese ambassador in Athens that “the two sides are united in their attempts in order to create the largest transit station from Asia to Europe, in the area of the Mediterranean and he Black Sea”, reveals the essence of the talks, and coincides with the plans for land-use in Attica and the ‘development” of the region in favor of the monopolies and not the people.

In the same vein, the Prime minister and President of PASOK , G. Papandreou, in an interview with the Sinxaou press agency, promotes the “fast truck” law (which concerns quick investments), revealing that the non-negotiable precondition for the attraction of investment is the securing of even cheaper labor power. The Press office of the KKE made the following comments on the visit:

“The investments and the loans of the business consortia of China, the EU, the USA and Israel, have nothing to do with the needs of the people.

The rights and wages of the workers, the protection of the environment will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of competitiveness and for the promotion of our country as a centre of the transit of products. Public land and property will continue to be sold off, while the transport problems of the residents of Attica will intensify, the uneven development of the regions and sectors of the economy will sharpen.

The genuine ending of unemployment, the creation of full-time and stable jobs can be secured only by the centrally planning of the people’s economy, which will stimulate domestic industrial and agricultural production in order to meet the needs of the people.”



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