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Denouncement of the anticommunist measures of the Moldovan government

Press Release
The distortion of history and the adoption of imperialist propaganda about socialism go hand in hand with the persecutions of Communists

The Moldovan government, which recently recognized the “contribution” of all Moldovans who served the Nazi state, made one step further. It formed a “committee for the condemnation of the totalitarian communist regime” which suggested the ban of communist symbols as well as of the use of the word communism and its derivatives. The government of Moldavia is already promoting these proposals that add one more link in the chain of the anticommunist campaign started in Europe and above all in the EU member states where the Communist Parties (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania) and the communist symbols (Hungary, Poland) are outlawed.

The Moldovan government is also seeking to ban the hammer and sickle and the red star that symbolize the struggle for the abolition of the capitalist exploitation; the blood and sacrifice of millions of communists who had been at the forefront of the anti-fascist struggle and played a leading role in the defeat of fascism in the Second World War; the political struggles for 8 hour working day, for social security, for free education and healthcare as well as other important gains achieved by the working people with the communists playing the leading role, thanks to the influence of the socialist construction in the USSR and in other countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Today these gains are cut down due to the anti-people’s policy that serves the profits of the business groups and due to the world capitalist crisis that shows the historical limits of the capitalist system.

Anti-communism goes hand in hand with the attacks against working people who are called to “pay” the consequences of the capitalist crisis, who witness the abolition of their labour and political rights, the increase of unemployment and homeless, the privatization of state owned enterprises, education and healthcare system etc.

The main pillars of this anti-communist attack are the EU and the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the respective Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

This effort is linked with the continuous efforts for the historical distortion of equation of fascism with communism, for the falsification of the history of the Second World War and the socialist construction. It mainly targets on the consciousness of the young people seeking to trap them into capitalism which is presented as the only prospect.

In many cases the anti-communist initiatives are promoted not only by the liberal parties but also by the social democrat ones. The opportunist forces, which in Europe rally in the so-called European Left Party, are particularly accountable for this situation. And the reason is that the European Left Party stands hostile to the communist traditions and the experience from the socialist construction in the 20th century; that it has accepted the main contrived notion about the “condemnation of Stalinism”; that it rejects the principles of the socialist construction and the contribution of the socialism, constructed in the USSR and the other countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, to the working people all over the world.

The ban pursued by the Moldavian government, which is a fact in other EU countries, reveals the falsehood and hypocrisy of the bourgeois democracy. It shows that the bourgeois governments and mechanisms are afraid of a new counterattack by the workers’ and people’s revolutionary movement because they know how big and irreconcilable the contradictions of capitalism are, because they know that the future belongs to a society without exploitation, namely to socialism communism.

KKE expresses its comradely solidarity to the communists in Moldavia and it declares once again that it will firmly support them for the repulse of anticommunism and the effort to intimidate the people who struggle for the rights of the working class and the perspective of the workers’ state power.

It denounces the Moldavian government and demands the immediate stop of the ban of the communist symbols as well as of every law and persecution against communists.

Athens 9 June 2010 International Section of the CC of KKE


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