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Demonstration at Astakos Port

Yesterday, January 14, KKE general secretary Aleka Papariga visited the region of Messolonghi, at western Greece, and the port of Astakos where she addressed a protest organized by the local branch of the party.

Aleka Papariga stressed that KKE demands the cancellation and not the postponement of any transport of US munitions to Israel, which is destined to be used in the massacre of the Palestinian people.

The port of Astakos became a point of political controversy in Greece following the revelations that the US were planning a shipment of ammunition to Israel.

Aleka Papariga speaking stressed that it is worthy to stop any shipment of military supplies to Israel “even by using our own bodies”. She also noted that Israel is experimenting new weapons on the Palestinian people just like the napalm bombs that hit the Vietnamese people were first tested against the Democratic Army on 1949.

She reiterated the position of KKE that the Palestinians have the right to fight for their freedom and for a sovereign and independent homeland, and called upon the popular movement to be vigilant against any attempt to use the Greek territory as a passage of US weaponry, reminding that that had been the case in the imperialist aggressions against Yugoslavia and Iraq.


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