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A successful class battle was the strike in Greece

Class forces went on strike in order to sign labour contracts

Employers are not invincible. Class struggle and coordination, now. This was the message of yesterday’s 24 hour strike, conducted on the basis of the decision of the Trade Union Federations of Builders, Accountants and Food and Beverage industry workers.

Yesterday's strike, which took place in a period of crisis and general offensive of the capital and was crowned with great success. The production units of leading companies of the Food and Beverage industry, large construction sites and companies’ offices across the country “froze”.Factories of big multinational enterprises like Coca Cola company, Nestle, Fage, Tasty Foods, Delta and many others in Athens and throughout Greece completely closed.

Factory gates were blocked by guards consisting of strikers and workers of all industries, members of class trade unions and federations. They fulfilled their class duty by guarding coordinately the strike. It was a critical battle, as the EU, the government and all those who serve monopolies announce and plan new anti-popular measures on a daily basis.

Yesterday's battle has given new impetus to the organisation of the working class, to the struggle against employers’ offensive. It helped strengthen PAME (All Workers’ Militant Front), which has proven that it conducts an uncompromising struggle to protect the needs of workers, opposing conciliatory employers’ and governmental and yellow trade unionism.


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