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Resolute response to anticommunism

On Monday 31st August masses of people and youth gave a strong response to the falsification of history and the distortion of socialism through a mass rally, organised by the Athens Party Organisation of KKE against the new imperialist attempt to equate socialism with Nazism. This rally has been the culmination of a series of events and activities, organised by the Party organisations of KKE throughout the country, in view of the attempt to proclaim the 23rd August as a Remembrance Day “for the victims of totalitarian regimes”.

The rally began with a rich cultural program. Thereafter Aleka Papariga, the General Secretary of the CC of KKE delivered a speech in the rally. Among others Aleka Papariga stressed “the roots of anticommunism that constitutes part of the strategy of the bourgeoisie against the development of class struggle, for the maintenance of the decayed capitalist system as well as the fact that anticommunism is a precursor of new reactionary measures against the rights of the people”.

“We are here in the place where 200 distinguished members and cadres of KKE have been sacrificed, to declare that the modern anti-communist campaign under the leadership of the EU, that seeks to equate socialism with fascism and Nazism will not remain unanswered. Neither will the proclamation of the 23rd August as a remembrance day of the victims of fascism and communism, as a European Day of celebration of the counterrevolutionary overthrow of socialism. Our answer is not merely a celebration of an anniversary. We will answer everyday, through struggles, through the organisation of the class struggle, through the rallying of forces and the alliance of anti-imperialist forces, through the struggle for People’s Power, through the struggle for socialism”.

Thousands of protesters participated in the mass rally held in the popular district of Kaisariani, in the place where 200 communists betrayed by the Greek bourgeoisie were executed by the Germans on May 1st 1944. Young people had also a significant presence in the mass rally.

This mobilisation has been a clear cut statement that history, the most glorious pages of which have been written with the blood of thousands of communists and other fighters, will not be deleted nor fabricated in the consciousness of the people. It condemned clearly the instutionalisation of the 23rd August as remembrance day for the victims of totalitarian regimes, as a day of equation of fascism with Nazism and celebration of the overthrow of socialism. It has been a resolute militant warning to the power of monopolies that anticommunism won’t pass because this attack targets all workers, the youth, the popular strata and their rights.

A mass demonstration-march to the offices of the EU followed the speech of the General Secretary of the CC of KKE. In front of the building of the EU protesters burnt flags of the EU and the USA.


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