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Announcement of the Press Bureau of the CC of KKE on the Irish referendum

Workers should utilize the struggle of the Irish people

Following the announcement of the Irish referendum result, the Press Bureau of the CC of KKE underlined that:

«With one way or another the result had to be “Yes”! However, despite the blatant blackmail, the organized disorientation, the intimidating dilemmas and a well-paid mechanism of propaganda summoned up by the E.U for the second time, the result of the Irish referendum shows that they failed to conceal the fact that the antipopular “EU one-way road” of the monopolies is facing a significant resistance.

Under the current circumstances, the 33% of the “NO” vote constitutes an important force of resistance that expresses a general popular discontent against the E.U that increases in all its member states.

It is quite significant that the supporters of the reactionary E.U treaty passed it through the national parliaments in 24 out of 27 countries, including Greece, without daring to hold a referendum and when the bourgeois classes did so, they came through big difficulties to ratify it.

The questioning and resentment against the E.U keeps growing within the working class and the other popular strata though it is necessary to express a comprehensive alternative political proposal, in terms of confrontation and rupture with the monopolies, imperialism, at national and international level, for an other different path of development that will serve workers’ needs instead of the competitiveness of the capital.

Thus, the Greek workers should utilize the struggle of the Irish people in their action and strengthen along with the communists workers and people’s struggle against the promotion of anti-worker monstrosities such as the EU treaty supported by the “EU one-way road” forces.


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