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List of KKE for the EP elections- hope and struggle for the future of the people!

The list of KKE for the EP elections was announced yesterday in the press conference of the GS of the CC of KKE, Aleka Papariga.

“The composition of the list of KKE reflects the social, age and sex composition of the Greek society as well as the cooperation and alliance policy of the Party. Active social and political forces that cooperate with KKE, young comrades and women, cadres who work in key positions of the trade union movement, the peasants’ movement, the movement of self-employed and craftsmen, the women’s movement, comrades who live in Germany and Denmark participate in the list, placing particular emphasis on the Greek people who live and work in Europe.

The daily life of the working people should be the criterion for the vote in the elections. By voting for KKE people can prove that they do not tolerate the deception, the stealing of the wealth they produce, the abolition of their rights, the deterioration of their life.

The participation in the elections and the vote of the list of KKE is particularly important. Abstention does not exert any pressure on the parties in power, ND and PASOK. In addition, the EU cannot be punished by voting for parties that support the EU and regard it as a “one-way road”.

The aforementioned were underlined by the GS of the CC of KKE during the Press Conference on May 4thin which the GS announced the list of KKE for the EP elections. Below the 22 candidates of the KKE list:

1. PAFILIS Thanassis: member of the CC of KKE since 1991. Member of the European Parliament, General Secretary of the WPC since 2000.

2. TOUSSAS Georgios: seaman, member of the CC. Member of the European Parliament, member of PAME Secretariat 1999-2004.

3. AGOURAKIS Babis: member of the CC, responsible for the department of the CC for the anti-imperialist movement.

4. SINTICHAKIS Manolis: member of KKE since 1986, member of the Bureau of the Regional Party Organisation of Crete, member of the Federation of the Parents’ Association in Heraklion Prefecture.

5. METHONIOU Leta: Vice president of the Nationwide Federation of the Workers in Public Hospitals.

6. APERGIS Panagiotis: Immigrant in Denmark , for many years he has been president and member of the management board of the Greek Community in Denmark as well as member of the management board of the organisation “Copenhagen for Peace” which is also member of the WPC.

7. GIKOPOULOS Georgios: member of the pan-Hellenic secretary of PASY (All peasants militant front), member of the Agricultural Economy Department of the CC of KKE.

8. GRIGORIADOU Anna: immigrant, doctor of natural Science in Aachen Technical University, member of the CC of KNE.

9. KATSAS Antonis: lawyer, member of the Executive Committee of the national Council against Drugs. Member of the Peace Movement

10. MAROUDAS Rizos: peasant, president of the United Federation of Peasants’ Associations in Larissa Prefecture, Member of the pan-Hellenic Secretary of PASY, member of the agricultural economy department of the CC.

11.MAVROTHALASSITIS Babis: electrical engineer, member of the board of the General Confederation of Self-employed, Craftsmen and Traders.

12. MOLIVDAS Paschalis Adam: professor of experimental Physiology of the medical faculty of the university of Athens, dean of the medical school of the university of Thessaly.

13. BALOU Alexandra: bank employee, president of the trade union of the employees in the financial system.

14. PANAGIOTAKOPOULOU Christina: employee in private sector, member of the CC, member of the Bureau of the City Organisation in Piraeus.

15. PAPADOPOULOS Makis: member of the CC, responsible for the Economic Department of the CC.

16. PAPAGEORGOPOULOS Panagiotis: sports instructor, member of KNE since 1995, member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE, secretary of the Athens Organisation of KNE.

17.PEROS Georgios: member of the CC and head of the secretariat of PAME.

18.TASIOULAS Yianis: construction worker, member of the CC, president of the trade union of construction workers.

19.TZEKIS Agelos: employee in Prefecture of Thessaloniki, member of the Bureau of the City Party Organisation of Thessaloniki

20.TRELI Fani: employer in private sector, president of the trade union of shop assistants and employees in private sector in Alexandroupoli and member of the Board of Evros Labour Center

21. Margaritis Georgios: professor of modern social and political history in the faculty of political sciences in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2004.

22. Droutsas Kostas: Member of the European Parliament ,former member of the municipal council of the municipality of Thessaloniki, president of the Macedonian Consumers' Institute (INKA) (since 1976) president of the Thessaloniki Citizens' Movement (since 1979)


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