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Statement of the Europarliamentary group of KKE on the despicable anticommunist Resolution of the European Parliament

Press Release
Brussels, 2-4-2009

The Euro-MP of KKE Thanasis Pafilis, made a statement on behalf of the Europarliamentary group of KKE on the despicable anticommunist resolution of the European Parliament. He stated:

No parliament, no parliamentary majority consisting of representatives and servants of the barbarian capitalist system, of the system of exploitation of man by man, can erase the history of social revolutions using slander, lies and forgery. This history has been written by the peoples and signed in their blood. No black anticommunist front can erase the great contribution of socialism, its unprecedented achievements and the abolition of exploitation of man by man. No matter how much venom and dirt they spill against communists and labour power they cannot prevent the inevitable overthrow of capitalism and its replacement by socialism-communist, since this is a social necessity. The world working class remembers. Today, it sees communists in the forefront of struggle and sooner or later it will seek its future along with communists.

The joint resolution of the Popular Party, the Liberals, the Greens, the Union for Europe of Nations has also been adopted by the Socialists. It equates fascism and communism, Nazi fascist and socialist regimes in a vulgar and historically unfounded way. It offends the memory of 20 million soviet people and thousand of communist who sacrificed their lives to crash the genuine child of capitalism, fascism. By conducting a deplorable summation, they propose a day of joint commemoration of victims and victimisers. Thus they acquit fascism, slander socialism and purify imperialism of its past and present crimes. Ideologically they present capitalism as the only democratic system. Vastly responsible for this anticommunist hysteria are also the political forces that keep equal distances, thus granting an alibi to this obscurantist policy.

KKE calls upon the working class and all progressive people to condemn anticommunism and its propagandists. To resist through their struggles the anti-popular policy of the EU, which has escalated by taking advantage of the capitalist economic crisis. To join communist in order to face the assault on their rights and fight for the wealth they produce as well as peoples’ power.

The anticommunist resolution proves once more the anti-popular, reactionary character of the EU and its organs. It discloses the necessity as well as the duty of the labour popular forces, of the youth to resist in the Europarliamentary elections along with communists, who defend their rights firmly and consistently.


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