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KKE delegation headed by General Secretary in Belgrade

A delegation of Communist Party of Greece, headed by General Secretary of the party cde Al. Papariga, is in Belgrade to participate in the international conference organised by the Belgrade Forum and the World Peace Council [WPC] on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the NATO bombings.

The conference is attended by representatives of anti-imperialist movements and organizations from 45 countries.

Comrade Papariga met with the President of Serbian Parliament Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic stating afterwards that "we are in Belgrade to remember and show our respect to the Serbian people for the barbarous attacks by 19 state-members of NATO, and more specifically by USA, European Union and NATO; and to renew the two peoples' friendly relations. We are linked by common problems due to the economic crisis, as well as the fact that war has not left our region. With the president of the Parliament we discussed our contribution to the development of relations between the two Parliaments. What is basic and substantive is peoples to exercise pressure on Parliament, in order to be promoted disinterested help that people can give to another in the today’s hard circumstances."

Early in the afternoon, on Monday, March 23, comrade Papariga and the members of KKE's delegation visited the home town of late president Slobodan Milosevic, Pozarevac, and laid a wreath at his tomb.

"We came here to remind that it has been 10 years since the start of imperialist war against Yugoslavia and that crimes have no beginning and end. At this moment one can remember the abduction, in essence, of Milosevic, which removed the myth from and fully uncovered the so-called European democracy. Precisely on this land of Europe, that supposedly has a great culture and humanism, the abduction of a person took place in order to be tried with lies and to die shortly before the outcome, reminding that the struggle of a people never has an end.
The death of Milosevic happened before the final sentence, the people of Serbia and the peoples of Europe must lead the struggle to the ultimate condemnation of imperialism. There is also a popular trial, except divine retribution that benefits the few.

General Secretary of the CC of KKE comrade Al. Papariga met with delegations of New Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the Party of Serbian Communists on Monday, March 23, while on Tuesday, March 24 she delivered a speech at the conference organised by the Belgrade Forum on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of NATO's bombings.


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