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On the provocative attack against policemen

Statement by the Press Bureau of the CC

KKE condemns the attempted murder of three police officers, which led to the serious injury of one of them. The attack was a provocation and is a part of a general anti-popular plan.

KKE also condemns the action of mechanisms and centres in Greece and abroad that are related to the events which followed the murder of a 15 year old student. Their provocative action has also been expressed, through the deeds of «hooded persons» and through an assault with a Kalashnikov gun against a police bus. Today's attack is part of the same chain of events.

The target of these actions is the labour and popular movement, not democracy, neither the so-called order, nor the destabilisation of the country, as various parties claim. These provocations aim at intimidating, subduing the popular strata and at enforcing state repressive measures.

The action of these provocation mechanisms is deployed against the background of the anti-popular policy of PASOK and ND, a policy that nurtures the police to perceive people as an enemy. This policy needs repressive measures to serve the power and the gains of the capital.

KKE calls upon the working class, popular strata and the youth, to further consolidate their forces, to fight for their rights through a class, powerful, organised, and self-guarded movement.

Athens, 05/01/2008


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