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Info about the Regional Meeting of CPs

A regional meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties from the countries of the South and East Mediterrenean, the Red Sea and the region of the Gulf that was hosted in Athens by KKE on Saturday 5 January 2008 at its headquarters.

This meeting gave the opportunity for a profound joint review of the Annapolis’s Summit results and other important developments, as well as the strategy of NATO, the USA and other imperialist forces in the region.

The following parties took part in the meeting:
  • Democratic Progressive Tribune – Bahrain
  • AKEL-Cyprus
  • Communist Party of Greece
  • Tudeh Party of Iran
  • Communist Party of Israel
  • Jordanian Communist Party
  • Lebanese Communist Party
  • Palestinian People's Party
  • Sudanese Communist Party
  • Syrian Communist Party
  • Syrian Communist Party
  • Communist Party of Turkey.

In the meeting also participated and intervened Kyriakos Triantafilidis, MEP of AKEL and President of the Committee of the European Parliament for the Relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council and Giorgos Toussas, MEP of KKE and member of the abovementioned committee. A delegation of the Communist Party of Cuba also attended and greeted the meeting.

On Saturday 5 January, the representatives of the Communist and Workers’ Parties who took part in the Meeting met with Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the President of the Greek Republic, at the presidential mansion and exchanged views for the situation in the region.

Karolos Papoulias expressed his appreciation for the initiative as well as for the activity of the communist parties of the region in defence of peace and the social rights of the people. President Papoulias underlined the special role played by the communist parties “being on the forefront of struggles for justice and for peace and for a just and steadfast solution to the Palestinian issue and opposing those that interfere in order to promote their own strategic interests”.

The meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties issued a joint statement and discussed a series of initiatives and actions for 2008.


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