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Press conference at the Zappion Press Centre by Al. Papariga

Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the CC of KKE, stressed on 3rd September that whatever scares the ruling New Democracy party (ND) and the main opposition PASOK party should be a cause for relief to the people and, since the two mainstream parties feared the prospect of a self-sufficient government failing to emerge from the September 16 general elections, "this would be good for the people".

Al. Papariga rejected any prospect of collaboration with any other political party, stressing that the KKE had principles that it would not betray or sell out.

"We (the KKE) cannot beat them, but we can make things difficult for them," Papariga said.

She reiterated that any vote cast for ND or PASOK was a "lost vote" because those two parties would not change, while conversely every vote for the KKE and against the two-party system would be a "vote won".

The KKE, she said, proposed abolition of the anti-social insurance laws of 1992 onwards, investment of the social insurance funds' reserves in state bonds, retirement at 55 for women and 60 for men, with retirement at 30 years of social insurance, abolition of all private intervention in the health sector and pensions, and abolition of health contributions, as well as the doubling of farmers' pension


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