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'Harilaos Florakis' educational centre inaugurated

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga on Monday 11 of June inaugurated the educational centre "Harilaos Florakis", two years after the death of the KKE’s honorary president. The educational centre is housed at the home where Harilaos Florakis lived, at the Athens suburb of Halandri.

"With the opening of the centre we honour the communist leader, the party’s history and mainly we show the great importance of scientific research regarding the history of the labour movement and the general history of the popular struggles in our country," Aleka Papariga said in her speech.

Among the facilities of the centre there are a library of 2.500 books, many of which quite rare, and a database that contains all resolutions of KKE bodies and organs since its foundation in 1918, all issues of “Communist Review” – the theoretical journal of the Party and all issues of the party’s daily “Rizospastis” since its beginning.

The digitalized archive also contains a big number of various publications during the periods of the resistance and the civil war issued by the National Liberation Front (EAM), the National Liberation People’s Army (ELAS), the Unified Pan-Hellenic Youth Organization (EPON), the National Solidarity (EA), the government of the free Greece (PEEA), and the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE).

It also contains digitalized broadcasts from 1947 to 1948 of the radio station “Free Greece”, which operated during the civil war.

Until now more than 20.000 documents have been digitalized and are accessible through the database of the centre.

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