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Aleka Papariga on the anti-communist resolution by PACE

On the occasion of the draft report by the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council entitled ’’Need for International Condemnation of the Crimes of Communism’’ the General Secretary of the CC of KKE Aleka Papariga gave a Press conference on December 19, 2005. Speaking to the journalists Aleka Papariga said that the draft resolution approved by the Political Affairs Committee of PACE “signals a neo-fascist turn” and means "persecutions of communist parties, a real declaration of war against the communist parties that have not capitulated". She estimated that the resolution will lead to the open criminalisation of the people’s struggles, and that this is a warning for new hard anti-popular measures and policies to come.

She underscored that in any case KKE will never make a recantation to the imperialists and stressed KKE is “proud of the 87 years long history of the party as well as of the internationalism of KKE”.

Aleka Papariga called on Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis and the Greek political parties to publicly position themselves on the issue, while she asked from ND and PASOK representatives to clarify what they voted on a few days ago when the issue was discussed at the Council of State.

Noting that the issue does not only concern the communists but it raises a more general question on democracy and on the right of each people to decide by himself what he wants and what he does not, she called upon the mass movement and the popular organizations to react and announced that KKE will undertake initiatives on both national and international levels aimed against the endorsement of this draft resolution from the plenary session of PACE to be held on January 23-27, 2006.

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