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On the denunciations about abductions of Pakistanis in Greece

Á major issue has occurred in Greece with revelations around a case of abduction of Pakistanis living in Greece for questioning by foreing secret services.

Last August, the president of the Pakistani community in Greece had denounced that a number of Pakistani migrants (28 in number) had been secretly abducted by English-speaking persons, with British accent, on July 15th, kept for a week and questioned after the bomb blasts in London.

On 19th of August a delegation of KKE headed by Orestis Kolozof, member of the CC and KKE spokesman in the parliament, made a representation to the minister of Public Order, mr Giorgos Voulgarakis, and asked explanations on the issue. At that time the minister declared ignorance on the issue and assured that in no case Greek services are evolved.

Some weeks ago the Public Order Minister commenting on the issue spoke of “provocations”, and quoted Jack Straw and the ambassador of Pakistan who also deny the case. However, new facts on the case appeared in the press providing also evidence of a direct involvement of Greek services.

On 15th of December, the parliamentary group of KKE presented a question to the government, asking clarifications on the case, which, is now being investigated by a Greek public prosecutor.

Governmental sources try now to mislead and manipulate again the public opinion, speaking of “national dangers” that emerge from the leak of names of officers of the Greek services evolved in the case.

On 22 of December, “Rizospastis” revealed that the Act on the mutual juridical assistance among the member-states, endorsed by the European Council 29 of May 2003, during the Greek Presidency and the PASOK government, contains a clause that permits the realization of “secret researches by police officers with secret of false identity” coming from another member-state of the EU!

In a statement issued on December 27th the Press office of KKE underlines that

“The revelations uncovered about the abductions of Pakistanis in Greece from secret services  highlight the urgent  need for stronger action by the people's movement to defend fundamental democratic rights and freedoms that were being mortally hurt by the despicable agreements and terrorist measures of EU governments”

and note that “the government has been exposed because it had implemented the agreement signed by PASOK when it was in government which allows for action by secret services in the framework of the EU, with or without prior warning to the Greek government”.

And the statement concludes saying that "The Greek people must decisively condemn both the highly dangerous action and cooperation of secret services but also secret cooperation between New Democracy and PASOK in implementing anti-democratic/terrorist measures that include secret deals with the EU and the US. KKE demands full elucidation of the abduction cases. The information that is published further clouds rather than elucidates matters.

KKE calls on the Greek people people to fight for the abolition of the above agreements"

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