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Powell cancels Athens visit protests and actions of KKE

Thousands demonstrators participated in the manifestation of KKE, organized by the Athens Party Organization, that took place on Saturday, August 28 at 11:00. The manifestation had been called before the cancellation of the visit of Colin Powell was announced.

In statements to the media, cadres of the Athens Organization of KKE noted that the Powell's cancellation was a victory for those opposed to American policies and was not targeted at Americans.

Early in the morning a group of KKE members displayed a large banner on the Acropolis hillside over Athens saying "Powell Killer Go Home” and urging people "do not forget that civilians that are being slaughtered in Najaf and a wall is being built in Palestine.”

At the same time members of KKE were distributing at the visitors and people of Athens a bilingual (Greek/English) leaflet describing the aims of the actions.

"The communist Party of Greece wishes to express the desire of the Greek people for peace, humanity and the preservation of our civilization, which can unite people all over the world.

Sports should help to unite the peoples of different nations, to develop true and courteous competition. Civilization and mass popular athletics cannot be reconciled with animosity between peoples and with war. During the course of the Athens Olympic Games, the US and other governments have reduced to shreds the co-called "Olympic Truce”. They have been slaughtering on a daily basis the people of Palestine and Iraq.

For the Greek people, the presence of Colin Powell in Athens represents a clear provocation. It should be made obvious to the minister of war that the policies of the US government are unwelcome and undesired by peoples all over the world.

We are defending our civilization, our history, the right of every people to determine its own fate. So that the so-called "new World Order” can be defeated, so that the occupation armies can be expelled from Iraq, from Afghanistan, from the Balkans. Freedom for Palestine. NATO out of Greece and Europe. No tolerance towards barbarity, cultural decadence and the wars of US, NATO and the multinationals.”

The actions, that enjoyed wide-spread support and sympathy from both Greeks and foreign tourists in Athens as well as broad coverage from the media, concluded with a demonstration across the centre of the city.


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