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Manifestations against the new “Anti-terrorism” bill and against the NATO summit

A Parliamentary majority ratified on Wednesday the clauses of the justice ministry's bill on the European arrest warrant while on Thursday amendments to “anti- terrorism law No 2” are going to be discussed at the Greek Parliament. The previous “anti-terrorism” law was voted by the PASOK government with the support of ND just a year ago!

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has strongly denounced the reactionary nature of the new “anti-terrorism” bill, prepared by the previous government and tabled by the new ND government, that confines elementary democratic rights and freedoms, undermines national sovereignty, and threatens the popular movement and its struggles. This new “anti-terrorism” bill is “needed in order to bring in line the Greek legislation with respective EU antiterrorist decisions”. These regulations are coming also to reinforce the Olympic Games “anti-terrorism” hysterical measures to be started already by 1st of July with the active participation of NATO.

The Communist MPs had walked out of the debate on Tuesday, expressing, point by point, their total opposition to the draft law and refusing to legalize its procession by the Parliament. The other opposition parties also voted against the law project. However, is to be noted that the spokesman of PASOK stated that voting against the law does not mean that they vote against the framework where the bill is based.

The new “anti-terrorism” bill has met rejection and strong reactions even from the Legal Advisory Committee of the Parliament, the Greek Bar Associations and from a wide range of unions, scientists, personalities, organizations of immigrants etc. On Tuesday thousands marched through central Athens towards the Parliament. The demonstration was called by the “Democratic Rally for the Popular Freedoms and Solidarity” and was backed by PAME, EEDYE, and many unions and students’ associations. Similar manifestations take place all around the country.

The issue will also be raised during this year’s anti-imperialist immigrants’ and refuges’ festival, organized by the Athens branch of KKE in cooperation with over 40 migrants’ communities and organizations. This festival of anti-imperialist solidarity with immigrants and refuges will take place on 25-26 of June in Athens for third successive year.

At the same time, preparations in front of the NATO summit that will be held in Istanbul on 28-29 of June culminate. The Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace (EEDYE) together with the Balkan Anti-NATO Center and KNE organize a massive delegation to participate in the big anti-NATO demonstration that will take place in Istanbul on June 27. KNE will also participate in the International Anti-NATO Youth Camp.

Present will also be a delegation of KKE headed by Stratis Korakas, member of the CC and MEP, which also will participate in the international conference on “The probable new roles of NATO in the future imperialist scenarios: How to stop NATO?”, organized by TKP on June 28.
During the days of the NATO Summit, EEDYE organizes simultaneous anti-NATO manifestations and demonstrations in solidarity with the Iraqi Palestinian People in several cities of Greece. In Athens the demonstration will take place next Tuesday, June 29.

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