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NATO Out of the olympic games

Intervention at The European Parliament

The invitation of the Greek Government to NATO to take on the safety of the Olympic Games provoked strong reaction on behalf of a wide political spectrum in Greece.

It is not only an insult to the Olympic spirit of peace, since NATO is an organisation of terrorism and war par excellence, but it is a provocation as well to the peaceful anti – NATO feelings of Greek people, as those have been expressed and are being expressed in Greece every day.

As many accuse, Greece is being turned into a pole of attraction for terrorist counter – attacks. The responsibility f the Greek government are enormous.

It goes without saying, that the measures of suppression of democratic rights and freedoms, as well as the deep intrusion of NATO into the public and private life of the country will not be put to an end after the Olympic Games, but they will continue, they will become permanent. In this way the Olympic Ideals are being violated under the pretext of the eradication of terrorism and the guarantee of safety. In fact a whole people is being tied in cuffs on hands and feet. This reveals the enormous hypocrisy of all declarations about the “Olympic armistice”.

Mister President,

Interpreting the peaceful – antiimperialistic feelings of the Greek people, we indict this situation and appeal to all in this room, who continue to care about democracy, be it even in the most elementary way, to demand that NATO does not interfere in Games.


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