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Statement On the 90th Anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution

Representatives of 72 communist and workers’ parties coming from 59 countries attended the 9th international meeting in Minsk on 3 -5 November 2007

The meeting was held under the motto: "90th anniversary of the October Revolution: The relevance and validity of its ideals. The communists in the struggle against imperialism, for socialism"

Many parties, unable to travel for technical reasons to Minsk, sent their written contributions and messages of greetings.

The October Revolution achieved by the working people of Russia under the leadership of the Party of the Bolsheviks guided by V.I.Lenin marked the most important event for the 20th century.

The October Revolution opened the way to a new historical epoch, to the transition to socialism.

The necessity for the socialist transformation arisen from the contradictions of the capitalist system itself, from its social development.

Capitalism, in its imperialist phase, in spite of the huge wealth concentrated in the hands of the plutocracy, proved to be unable to solve any of the problems of the people.

Only socialism is able to eliminate war, unemployment, hunger, starvation, analphabetism for millions. Only under socialism is it possible to put an end to the degradation of the human personality and to the ecological crisis.

Only socialism, based on the theory of scientific socialism can create the premises for social development corresponding to the interests of working people. Only socialism is in the position to place the scientific and technological achievements at the service of mankind.

The October Revolution inspired the formation and the development of the international communist movement. The Revolution accelerated the creation of the Communist Parties and led to the foundation of the 3rd Communist International.

The October Revolution was the force that inspired and backed all popular struggles for a better future.

Red October created the preconditions for the advanced gains and rights for popular strata, never before known, to become a reality. The impact of the Revolution on the emancipation of women was invaluable.

Under the influence of the Revolution colonialism was abolished, the struggle for peace became much broader and internationalist solidarity stronger.

The October Revolution proved in praxis the validity of the theory and the laws guiding the transition from capitalism to socialism.

The victory over fascism during the WWII was only possible thanks to the heroism of the soviet people, of the communists and the antifascist fighters from so many countries.

The liberating impulse of the Great October influenced decisively world culture, science and art and inspired many of the most prominent artists and intellectuals.

The counterrevolutions from 1989-1991 in the European socialist countries have not succeeded in liquidating the historical importance of the October Revolution, the contribution of the Soviet Union ,of socialism and of the communist movement to the progress of mankind.

Researching, without any idealization, the socialist path in the 20th century has nothing to do with the attempts to slander its historical achievements, with the campaign to rewrite history promoted in our days by the class enemies.

The anticommunist hysteria is the result of the bourgeois hate for the ideas of October especially taking in to consideration the deep crisis of the contemporary capitalism. The proclaimed “end of history”, of the communist movement is not occurred. The socialist goal continues to be actual more than ever before.

It’s a matter of fact that in spite of this massive campaign socialism became more and more the point of reference and inspiration for the aspirations, ideas and demands for all theses opposing imperialist barbarity in every corner of the world.

The exchange of opinions and the research on theoretical aspects regarding socialism are today more important than ever. The same is true regarding the need for further work on the real causes for the temporary defeat in the USSR and other socialist countries.

Some recent facts reveal new possibilities to project among working strata, especially among young people the ideals of the working class and revolutionary movement as well as effectively to counter anticommunism and the distortion of the historical truth.

The 90th anniversary of the October Revolution give us the opportunity to reiterate once again our active solidarity with all people and popular forces fighting imperialist intervention and foreign occupation. We stand up for the right of every people to chose its own path for the development of his country against any interference from abroad.

Our task today, the task for all communists, is to implement in a creative way, in all questions related to the strategy and tactics, the Marxist-Leninist theory, the general laws guiding social development taking in to account the specific national situation.

The common and coordinated action of the communist parties, an active role played by the international communist movement in the international developments will certainly have a positive impact on the further development of the anti-imperialist struggle as well.

We are confident, the 21st century will be marked by a higher developed world revolutionary movement.

The 21th century will be the epoch of the materialization of the goals and ideals of the October Revolution, the century of the victory of socialism.

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