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Solidarity with the struggles in higher education in Greece

2nd European meeting on Education

The participants in the 2nd European Meeting on “Public education for free, for all “, Brussels on 23 March 2007 express our strong solidarity with the massive struggles of students, university professors and working people of Greece against the reactionary reforms promoted by the ND government with the backing of PASOK in the field of education in accordance with the guidelines of the Lisbon Strategy and the Bologna Process.

We salute the mass and militant struggles that, despite the intransigence and repression by the Greek government as well as the attempts to provoke and slander the students’ movement, during the last months resolutely opposed the abolition of the provisions of article 16 of the Greek constitution, and the passing of a new reactionary basic law for higher education.

Measures that further subjugate higher education to the big capital, undermine the public character of the universities and force them function like enterprises, abolish the free studies, deliver a blow to the rights of the students and drastically restrict the democratic and academic freedoms.

We call on the working people, the progressive intellectuals, scientists, teachers and students as well as the administrative staff to raise their voices and support actively the fight that still goes on against the implementation of the new law and demand unified, genuine public higher education, for free, for all.

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